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About Nicole's Kitchen

Nicole's Kitchen LA takes you behind the scenes so you can experience, first hand, what goes into building healthy, colorful and delicious meals. Her dimensional, multicultural kitchen is open to any and all who are curious about introducing new and exciting flavors into their lives. From easy-to-read recipes, to step by step instructions, live demonstrations, exclusive hands-on cooking classes, Nicole's Kitchen LA offers a variety of dynamic services to bring people and communities together through food.

Nicole's Kitchen LA is a space where people can indulge, share, connect and contribute through their love for all things food. It is a platform where passion and strength intersect to bring communities together and where ingredients from every corner of the earth find new and creative ways to play out on your kitchen table. While implementing her own style, Nicole fuses familiar and foreign flavors together to create an unforgettable and innovative dining experience for her clients.

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Nicole's Story

For me, food isn't just a passion, it's a way of life. Recognizing the power of food in creating bonds between generations, friends, family and just about anyone, my passion for cooking was sparked when I used cooking as a way to keep myself busy during finals while studying at UCLA. What started out as a way to distract myself became my life’s destiny. 

In the beginning, my cooking was just experimental. I started out by concocting gourmet meals for my friends and family with random ingredients found in my fridge. I started posting my creations on Instagram for my friends and family and before I knew it, I began to amass a dedicated following. I received hundreds of e-mails from random followers asking if I’d ever be willing to teach classes or cook for private events. Unsure of what the near future would hold, I began donating my cooking instruction services to local charities such as Looking Beyond, FIDF, Hadassah, Sinai Temple and Steven S. Wise High School. In doing so, I’d fundraise for these schools and organizations by auctioning off an opportunity to take a class with me in the Los Angeles area. 

Eventually, teaching my unique culinary creations became a business, something I never thought become a reality. My mother, who is now more like a “momager,” attends every class with me as my support system and now we’re like a dynamic duo. Alongside the two of us are a few dedicated employees who help me prep for my now high-demand cooking classes. 

Now, my purpose is to teach and inspire my students to create unique dishes that can be easily made from exploring ingredients found in their fridges or pantries. My greatest inspiration has always been my grandmother and the memories and connections that we’ve made in the kitchen. My goal is to create camaraderie through cooking, creating and sharing laughs around the table together.